In 2015,an ode to Rawdah District,Jeddah – where all of our work and thoughts stemmed from – was thought of as a series of talks that enabled the urge to question, critique, and debate various topics of which juxtaposed disciplines intersected in a single space; crystallized

in the name of Raw not only as an homage to Rawdah District but more so an uncensored yet thought provoking space for acquiring knowledge of all its forms. One can say, at its core the talks became closer to an actively shifting library due to the lack of academia in our social setting in Saudi, but also echoing globally.

Since then, Raw has evolved to becoming a co-created collective at which conversation, speculation and proposition is at its’ core; culminating in a publication that is set to run quarterly during the year 2021.

Despite the vast amount of available knowledge, our local/regional understanding has only scraped the surface of certain bits of publicly available information. The current situation in Saudi Arabia is that there is no institution or platform that focuses on promoting research and knowledge exchange as its main practice.

RAW Talk, Pharan Studio, 2017

Screenprinting with Misht Studio

Here we will work together not only to harness but to also implore social issues at the periphery of art & design (and beyond!) as individuals responding to local and global stratifications that we see today.

Bricklab intends to reach out and unearth what is yet to be found through discourse and conversation finally being put on paper.

The publication will be distributed through various formats and mediums, and will be predominantly in Arabic and English; additional languages such as Filipino, Urdu, Javanese, Eritrean, and Malay will be considered depending on the subjects at hand; currently we are keeping each submitted article at it’s submitted language respectively and translating it separately.

This coming together illustrates our commitment to reaching a broader audience.

Collaborators: Athr Gallery, Khabar Keslan and Misht Studio.